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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 7, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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on this sunday night, taking the plunge. tonight temperatures reach record lows. ost freeze warnings from coast to coast. what a difference a day makes. the weather going to extremes again. pressure point. feeling the heat after a disappointing debate, team obama comes out swinging. meantime, mitt romney gets personal and big bird breaks his silence on snl. danger zone? on this football night in america, a growing fight off the field. kids caught in the middle. and american classics. once the heart of millions of homes, the new efforts to give a lot of old castaways new life.
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good evening. there may very well be more than just frost on the pumpkin where you are tonight. we start this evening with a cold blast. a dramatic and practically overnight temperature swing has turned what had been an exceptionally mild fall for most of the country into a big chill that tonight is gripping roughly two-thirds of the nation. scores of low temperature records have been broken over the last 24 hours as the mercury went from the 70s and 80s in many places down into the 30s and 40s, even below freezing. we'll get the outlook for the week ahead in a moment, but we start with nbc's michelle fra frandsen here in new york. michelle, good evening. >> good evening, lester. this freeze warning has brought a snap not only here in new york but to a good bit of the country. an arctic blast sweeping across
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much of the u.s. quickly wiped away the last remnants of summer. just yesterday there were 74 record low temperatures stretching from the northwest down to the southeast, from 37 degrees in st. louis, 31 in alabama and 5 below zero in northern wyoming. and tonight portions of the country are under frost and freeze advisories. an early start to the cold season in a year where extreme heat has dominated. >> temperatures that we're seeing now are a good 10 to 30 degrees below average. now we have a trough or dip in the jet stream that's been dipping down and all that cold brimming around the antarctic has been coming down to the low 48. >> temperatures brought snow. in the last week, the first snow of the season blanketed the region, coating areas of minnesota with more than a foot of snow.
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people bundled up, lining the route of the new york marathon, braving the elements. >> it's not too bad, but these 90-year-old legs are just a little chilly right now. >> fans also tried to brave the cold. >> it feels a little colder than 45 degrees. my hands are freezing, but the rest of me is warm because i have on a lot of layers. >> and the colder temperatures and even some rain couldn't dampen a fall tradition: a visit to the pumpkin patch. >> we would come rain or shine. >> reporter: others grabbed a cup of warm apple cider, a taste of fall and winter all at once. as temperatures dipped, this cold spell is expected to lapse into the next week. what we don't know yet, let tst is if this is a sign for a cold winter ahead. >> we want to bring in meteorologist julie martin who is monitoring the big chill from
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weather channel headquarters. julie, good evening. >> good evening, lester. a couple winter blasts are rolling in from the system. we'll see that system reaching the east tomorrow, touching places like virginia and the carolinas, those temperatures to be about 20 degrees below average. behind that, another system moo moves in, this one bringing snow to the northern plains and great lakes. we'll see cool air from that system affect the midwest and the interior northeast. a lot of very cool air plunging across the midwest, more unsettled weather midweek, rain and some snow possible on friday. lester, fall is here and so is an early taste of winter. lester? >> we'll dig out the gloves. thanks. don't look now, but we're just 30 days out from the election, and after some potentially
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game-changing moments for both campaigns this past week, each is now looking to seize a momentum as they hit their home stretch. our team has it all covered. we begin with nbc's ron motte. ron, good evening. >> home here in chilly wisconsin tonight getting ready for a big week of his political career, topping it off thursday with a debate against vice president joe biden. >> we don't want four more years like the last four years. >> reporter: one day ahead of a major foreign policy speech in virginia, today mitt romney continued assaulting the president's domestic record at a rally in st. lucy, florida. >> i have an opportunity for america right now that's going to get this economy going and create jobs, jobs and more jobs. 12 million jobs, to be specific. >> reporter: earlier, republican surrogates like newt gingrich
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were out in force on four leading political shows saying the president's debate performance and the administration's response to the latest jobs report. >> the unemployment report has fallen to its lowest since i took office. >> when you have a white house celebrating a 7.8% unemployment record tells a lot about the failed add miministratiadminist policies. >> they had full charge of the first two years, and the policies this president put in place actually made it worse. the middle class is being buried under this administration. >> reporter: meantime, paul ryan enjoyed a mostly leisurely sunday. making a trip to the pumpkin patch with his family. >> how are you feeling about the debate?
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>> what debate? >> nbc news, wisconsin. i'm kristin welker traveling with the president after celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with the first lady last night. the president is in california to raise millions and reassure hollywood supporters after a sub-par debate performance. >> four years ago, i said that i'm not a perfect man and i wouldn't be a perfect president. that's probably a promise that governor romney thinks i've kept. >> reporter: and after a week that recharged republicans and reenergized the race. they conceded that romney had a strong debate but called it dishonest. >> mitt romney had a theatrical performance just this last week, but the underpinnings of that performance were fundamentally dishonest. >> reporter: and explained what went wrong with the president's own debate performance. >> he was a bit taken aback with
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the brazenness of which governor romney walked away from so many of the positions on which he's run. >> reporter: promising there will be changes. >> i assume he has reviewed the tape and it will inform how he handles these subsequent debates. >> reporter: the campaign launching a new attack ad. >> this was dishonest. >> i'm not in favor of a $5 billion tax cut. >> reporter: and after romney took aim at sesame street -- >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs, i'm going to stop other things -- i like pbs. i like big bird. >> reporter: big bird stayed way up past his bedtime to appear on "saturday night live." >> do you have any political statement you would like to make? >> no, i don't want to ruffle any feathers. >> reporter: first up here in los angeles, president obama will attend a small fundraiser with former president bill clinton and then he will attend a production at the theater
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tonight. vice president joe biden is getting ready for thursday night, and it is somewhat in damage control mode. lester? >> we want to turn now to our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd. chuck, the debate, the positive numbers we noted potential game changers for both candidates last week, how do you expect they'll try to build off this week? >> they're trying to go on the air using the debate in tv advertisements to try to sort of blunt some of the debate momentum that romney got. but i also know that behind the scenes, there is a little bit of the confronting of the president to say you need to watch the debate, and they've passed along a statistic, i'm told at least tonight, to let them know the president spoke for more time on the air but used less words and trying to emphasize to him that he's got to get better at making
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his point. as for mitt romney, he big campaign speech tomorrow. they're trying to show some closure in some of these swing states. if that happens, then this unemployment report and the idea that unemployment fell below 8% didn't have the impact, i'm understanding. a lot of people don't think it will have a poll impact as much as the debates themselves. no relief tonight for frustrated drivers in the state of california. since we saw you here last night, the already record high gas prices shot up another 4 cents. $4.65 a gallon. that's the highest in the country due to reduced supply in several refineries. the national average is now $3.81. that's the most expensive we've seen this time of year ever. analysts expect prices to slowly start dropping in a few days. one of the countries of the united states depends on for oil
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venezuela which has been ruled for 14 years president hugo chavez. he's facing a challenge of his power. it's a high stakes race people are watching very closely. we have our report from caracus. >> reporter: voters say today's election will determine how the oil population of the world uses its well. if hugo chavez wins another presidential third term, it will help his agenda. chavez says he uses exports to benefit the poor. voters love chavez because he gives them low cost housing and food. >> chavez has the interest of the people. >> reporter: pollsters say he has a good shot at victory. at 40, he's young, energetic, and some say, sexy. what does an election here in
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south america mean to the united states? oil experts say the oil here in venezuela will impact how much we as americans pay in gas. >> if chavez gets reelected, i suppose we'll see lower crude oil sales to the u.s. and that's going to cost the consumer more money for their gasoline. >> reporter: today most ralliers rallied tweeting, get out the votes. street cry is rampant and oil production has slipped 30% in the last decade. >> if we win, we cannot believe that every problem will be solved on monday. but at least there is hope that the things can change. >> reporter: today, thousands of venezue venezuelans who over the years traveled to miami traveled to vote in new orleans. more voted in new york. while president chavez bragged that his country has the highest
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vote count in the world. grocery stores are swamped as they fear a violent reaction to whoever is announced the winner. now to syria where there are reports tonight of several large explosions near police headquarters right in the heart of damascus. at least one person was killed in one of those explosions. it was an apparent car bombing. we're getting our first look at video of a fighter jet. it was the first time in six years that an apollo aircraft has entered. still ahead, as we continue here on a sunday night, why some parents want to make scenes like this a thing of the past. are they going to extremes? and later, there goes the bride. a wild wedding night melee caught on camera. the out-of-control scene last
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it's always been a game of hard knocks but the growing
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recognition of football head injuries touches what would have been out of bound a few years ago. why football is simply too dangerous for kids to play. >> reporter: for many americans the high school football season is the best part of the year. >> i like playing football. >> my favorite sport. >> reporter: but that fun comes at too high a price says dr. paul butler, a retired physician. the father of three who now sits on the dover school board wants to shut down the football program for good. he believes the risk of concussions and long-term brain injuries to players is too high. >> i think it's a risk. >> i think it's overly radical and it's not supported by medical evidence. >> reporter: the school board released a statement saying dr. butler's opinion is his own, and that the determination of the dhs football program has not
3:48 pm
come before the board and is not on any agenda at this time. still, parents were quick to speak out. >> the backing is there, you know. jim mcmahon just came out and said he suffers from dementia, so there is a fear. >> if you're going to stop football, you better stop hockey. >> reporter: symptoms are often subtle and easily missed. among children and adolescents, emergency room visits for sports-related brain injuries, including concussions, have gone up 60% in ten years. ask for boys, the rates are highest in football. >> from the nfl all wait down to pop warner youth football, unprecedented steps have been taken the last several years to make the game safer. >> reporter: more than half of the states in america, including new hampshire, have concussion laws to protect student athletes. at eastern tech in maryland, players take brain function tests to determine if and when
3:49 pm
they can play after an injury. >> it will tell me how severe my injury is, it will tell me how long i have to get back. >> reporter: banning football altogether may be extreme, but butler's proposal has triggered a passionate debate, forcing the country to take a different look at one of its most cherished pastimes. up next on nightly news, the wild brawl that ended with several arrests. it's no happily ever after. why let constipation slow you down?
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tonight the countdown is on. just a couple of hours before the expected launch of the first privately contracted supply mission to the international space station. california-based spacex will attempt to send its drag-in capsule carrying about a thousand pounds of food, clothes and gear, including ice. now the wild scene caught on camera in philadelphia. what started as a pair of weddings in a fancy hotel ended with cops swarming the lobby and
3:52 pm
at least four people under arrest. here's nbc's janet shandling. >> reporter: a wedding gone wild in a philadelphia hotel with two separate wedding parties going at it. in the midst of a chaotic scene, a woman in a white dress is knocked to the ground. >> did they just hit the bride? >> reporter: that's the voice of 14-year-old max schultz, a hotel guest who took the video and posted it on line. >> they just started punching each other and police came in and started clubbing people. >> reporter: one man appears to be thrown down by an officer. police say they were outnumbered, that at one point at least 75 people were involved in the alcohol-fueled brawl that started in the bar and then spilled into the lobby. several people were hurt and one man died from a heart attack. a 57-year-old believed to be an uncle of the bride. for its part, the sheraton
3:53 pm
released this statement saying they are cooperating and offered condolences to the families. police made three arrests for disorderly conduct and more could follow after what should have been a beautiful night turned very ugly. janet chamblian, nbc news. when we come back, the key to breathing new life into the old classics. i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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living rooms. the grand piano has slowly fallen out of style for some, becoming a piece of nostalgia while striking a sour note for those who love it. >> reporter: the full, rich, unmistakable beauty made by two capable hands on the grand piano, and these hands belong to 7-year-old mia curry of chicago. sdp >> do you love your piano? >> yes. >> love, love, love it? >> yes. >> it used to be the piano was the american centerpiece in any home. in willingham's "hannah and her sisters," people gathered around while the piano was played. but any more, people just don't have space for a real piano. and sad as it sounds, many of these majestic instruments aren't able to be fixed and end up as castaways in landfills.
3:57 pm
>> if you say expose them, it's very in dig anatomdignant, so y it's gog piano heaven. >> reporter: statistics show in the last century, piano sales have fallen more than 80%. now piano movers are often piano dumpers. >> it hurts a lot just to see them go. it's not a fun activity. >> reporter: pianos can be expensive to tune and repair. still, tossing them hits a sour note with mia's teacher. >> it's frustrating because there are ways you can take a piano and donate it. >> reporter: in fact, one of the pianos mia plays at home was originally destined for the dump. >> it's not just a keyboard. it's something she feels very connected to and she wants to play. >> reporter: wow, what's that?
3:58 pm
but can't kids just learn to play on one of those electronic keyboards, anyway? >> absolutely not. those students who start on the keyboard and don't transition to the piano within six months to nine months will end up quitting the piano after a year. >> reporter: the child with 88 keys, heavenly music not often heard in piano heaven. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt, and on this october 7th, the 11th anniversary the start of a u.s.-led war in afghanistan, we leave you remembering the more than 2,000 americans who have perished fighting this country's longest conflict. good night.
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